Our first
Net-Zero outlet

At SaladStop! we are committed to taking responsibility for the impact our actions have on the environment and strive to reduce that impact. With opening our first net zero outlet at CapitaSpring, we have started our journey toward a net zero future.

It started with a full carbon assessment, calculating our footprint throughout the entire value chain. We then challenged every part of the business – from sourcing ingredients to outlet construction, from packaging to delivery.

“We have to keep challenging ourselves to get better,
find ways to reduce emissions even more and prepare to scale.”

- Katherine Desbaillets Braha,
co-owner SaladStop!

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We aim to make planet-friendly food choices easy and effective. To understand the impact of what we sell and what you eat, we’ve carbon labelled our entire menu. This gives us insight on how we can better source for ingredients and helps you choosing ingredients and offerings that are more environmentally friendly.

When you order in the SaladStop! app, we give you the option to offset your meal. You can contribute by adding $0.20 to your order. Offsetting at SaladStop! means planting trees that absorb the same amount of greenhouse gases required to produce your meal. Not only does it compensate for your meal, but choosing to offset will ensure the removal of an additional 20 times more CO2e from the atmosphere.

Your contribution directly supports a mangrove reforestation project in Indonesia. Find out about our impact through the satellite image on the right.

Mangrove restoration
project location

Learn more about our journey in our
sustainability report.


We want to share a more conscious way of eating and help people realise that our food, our communities and our environment are all connected.
We believe that eating is about more than just being good for our bodies. It is about being good to everything around us too.

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