Blood Sugar Management



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  • Eat small meals with a portion of protein at every meal. Look closely at what you are having for breakfast in particular; some of us are eating dessert for breakfast- muffins and toast all have a similar effect on our blood sugar as a big piece of cake. Aim for a portion of protein, two portions of vegetables and a small serving of good quality fat like coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

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  • Don’t just think of sugar as the white stuff that goes into your tea. Take a look at all the sugar you consume in the form of ‘health’ products like whole grains. Try going 2 weeks without grains and seeing how you feel. Grain contains a large amount of carbohydrates  which are broken down into sugar within a few minutes of consumption.

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  • Limit fruit intake to whole fruit and try not to eat more then 2-3 pieces per day. We favour apples, berries and pears for the lower sugar content and keep higher sugar fruits like mango, banana and watermelon for special occasions. Eat fruit with a healthy fat like nuts or seeds to prevent a spike in your blood sugar levels.

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  • Blood sugar can be linked to your thyroid and adrenal gland function (stress hormones). If you have high blood sugar it is important to see a Functional Medicine Practitioner to look beyond the results.

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  • Cinnamon is an excellent spice for helping to stabilise blood sugar. Sprinkle some over fruit or in your morning latte or try making a quick cinnamon tea. More is not better and anything over 1/4 tsp can be toxic for your liver.

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  • Supplements like magnesium, chromium, B vitamins can help with blood sugar management. 

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  • Monounsaturated fatty acids are an important components of a healthy blood sugar eating plan. You can find these in avocados, nuts, olives, and olive oil. 

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  • Our in-house nutritionist works closely with our partners at The Nutrition Clinic to ensure the most optimal use of every ingredient at SaladStop! to cater to your needs. For more recommendations and information on different diets, please contact our nutritionist: 

Recommended ingredients from SaladStop!

Onions,Green Beans, Pomelo, Broccoli, Alfalfa Sprouts, Edamame, Quinoa, Spinach, Avocado, Walnuts

Recommended Create-Your-Own Salad

Spinach, Green Bean, Onion, Edamame, Alfafa Sprouts, Broccolli, Walnuts, Avocado, Salmon, Carrot Ginger, Thai Lemongrass

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