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Our Story
When we first started, we thought of bringing a fresh and healthy alternative to Singapore…
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The Founders
Meet the family team of SaladStop! Daniel, Adrien and Katherine…
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Eat Wide Awake
It is our passion to make sure that every ingredient that ends up in your tummy comes…
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“We are not just a food chain. We are a movement that believes it is a basic human right to truly eat well”

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October 30, 2014

On the 18th and 19th of October, The Food Bank Singapore held an event called Project X-pired, which was an initiative to raise awareness about food wastage in Singapore.

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October 18, 2014

As a part of the movement toward health, we at SaladStop! see food transparency as one of the keystones of our movement.

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  • Our Iron “Wo”Man salad is a great way to make your body strong! Baby spinach contains twice as much iron as other greens, feta cheese will help your body get the calcium it needs to make your bones strong, and almonds help your heart through healthy fats! But that’s not all, the high vitamin A content in pumpkin will strengthen your immune system! Add some chicken for that extra protein boost, and drop by SaladStop! today for our Iron Wo”man”, a salad that will satisfy both body and taste buds! #saladstop #eatwideawake #salad #healthyliving
  • SaladStop! works with natural food and ingredients so that you can get bright fresh food! #saladstop #livewideawake
  • Try out our new UrbanJourney Salad!  This tasty protein-rich salad is tossed in tahini citrus dressing and packs a punch with ingredients including lettuce, red & white cabbage, black beans, black olives, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, boiled eggs, grapes and our secret ingredient, our tofu tempeh patty! It's available at all outlets (excluding Takashimaya) for just $11! #saladstop #salad #eatwideawake
  • Tea is PACKED with health benefits which vary with the tea’s color! This superdrink will not only lower your stress level, but can also lower your cholesterol, help you burn fat, and protect you from disease!  Presenting the ultimate tea experience at SaladStop!, Tea Forte is internationally known for their large variety of high quality teas! Not only are these teas delicious, they are also handcrafted and 100% organic! Have the ultimate tea experience at Saladstop! today! #saladstop #teaforte #tea
  • Celebrating the arrival of the new Grab & Go @simplyhersingapore Birthday Salad! Pick it up at SaladStop! today!
  • 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.' - Virginia Woolf #saladstop #quote #virginiawoolf
  • All our salmon is raised sustainably and brought over all the way from Chile! Salmon is not only a great source for high-quality protein, but also contains a ton of omega-3 fatty acids which help improve your brain functions and reduce the risk of heart disease! Make sure to add some salmon to your salad today for that extra brainpower-boost! #saladstop #salmon #eatwideawake #salmon
  • We've extended the contest to Instagram as well!! Follow both @matterprints and @saladstop and complete the sentence
  • Try out our new salad, Inhale-ExKale! Made from baby kale, romaine, prawns, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, grapes, eggs, green apples and dressed in our new carrot ginger dressing, this exciting new salad is sure to not only be rich in flavor, but also in the vitamins and nutrients needed to fuel your body! #saladstop #eatwideawake #kale #salad
  • SaladStop! is partnering up with Matter to bring you an exciting opportunity to win some exciting prizes!
Join our Facebook competition by liking facebook.com/saladstop and facebook.com/matterprints, and then leave a comment on our post filling in the blank of
  • At SaladStop!, we use only extra virgin olive oil. Did you know extra virgin olive is oil is extracted from the first pressing of the olives, meaning no chemicals are used in the extraction process? This means the taste is fresher and cleaner!  That's not all! Olive oil is loaded with biologically active antioxidants that can help your body fight disease! Dress your salad in Extra Virgin Olive oil today!
  • All sorts of greens are nutritious but Kale is ahead of the pack as it contains more calcium than milk, 2 times more potassium than banana, 4 times more iron than beef, 10 times more vitamin C than spinach and so much more! It is not easy to find this vegetable in Singapore. SaladStop! is one of the first to salad bar chains to introduce Kale Salad to the market ! #saladstop #kale #salad #eatwideawake

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