“We are not just a food chain. We are a movement that believes it is a basic human right to truly eat well”

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July 21, 2014

Our health and wellness carnival is an extension of the Eat Wide Awake! movement, which emphasises the importance of making conscious food choices.

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June 21, 2014

We have just recently gave our website a makeover and we are proud to present you with more in-depth information about us!

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  • Come join SaladStop! 's first carnival!  #livewideawake2014! We have over 18 participating vendors including yoguru,  Health Promotion Board,  Red Cross Singapore, Infuusa, Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices, Viva fit and many more! 
Come down to City Square Mall, this Saturday from 11am to 4pm!
  • One of our team member from MBFC is leaving us tomorrow and he baked a pretty cake for the team! 
  • Head over to the SaladStop! Outlet at One George Street for lunch today! Something exciting is going to happen at 12.30pm today! 
Do make sure you get your camera ready too! 
  • Our Chef Tony showing the canteen stall vendors how to cook healthy for the kids! #ssgivesback #SaladStop
  • Kids @ Pasir Ris Primary looking serious in their salad-wrap making competition this is morning! #ssgivesback #SaladStop
  • Today we were at Pasir Ris Primary school for an outreach programme!  #ssgivesback #SaladStop
  • Our nutritionist sharing with our participants how to age gracefully! 
#ssgivesback #SaladStop
  • Our salad wrap making contest has began at SilverACE @ Redhill!
  • Today we are at SilverACE @ Redhill! Here are our winners for the bingo game!
  • Our SS Warriors are playing games with the elderly at SilverACE @Whompoa before the Salad making contest begins! 
They sure look like they are enjoying themselves,  don't they! 
#SaladStop #ssgivesback
  • Our SaladStop! Warriors are at SilverACE @ Whompoa together with our nutritionist and Chef (he is in the picture!) and they are preparing for the salad making contest!

#SaladStop #ssgivesback
  • #SSCYOContest starts today! #SaladStop

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