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Our Story
When we first started, we thought of bringing a fresh and healthy alternative to Singapore…
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The Founders
Meet the family team of SaladStop! Daniel, Adrien and Katherine…
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Eat Wide Awake
It is our passion to make sure that every ingredient that ends up in your tummy comes…
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“We are not just a food chain. We are a movement that believes it is a basic human right to truly eat well”

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March 22, 2015

Wow! February went by fast! March is now here, and we are giving back to the community by visiting Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ home together with the Food Bank Singapore to meet the students, and teach them about food wastage and nutrition. Giving back is one of the most important parts of living wide awake. Boy,... Read more »

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March 9, 2015

Our team at SaladStop! visited an urban rooftop farm in the middle of Orchard Road! Comcrop is Singapore’s very first urban farming project. Comcrop’s garden grows on the top of one of the country’s busiest urban areas, *Scape building. Urban farming is the cultivation of agricultural products in heavily populated areas such as cities and towns... Read more »

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  • One of our new delicious dressing with vibrant basil flavour locally produced by Comcrop The Living! Project. Presenting you the Comcrop Basil Vinaigrette.#saladstop #dressing  #picoftheday #sweet #amazing #delish
  • #quoteoftheweek #saladstop #positive #motivation #happy #inspiration #amazing #life
  • It is one of the healthiest berries you will ever find. Yes! We are talking about acai berries! It is an antioxidant-rich fruit which has been claimed for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit!

Sweet homemade treats packed with so much goodness! Get them today at only $2.00! (Does not include Takashimaya) #saladstop #homemade #photooftheday #instagood #amazing #bananacake
  • Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids. 
Tag your friend if you think this will benefit them! 💚 #saladstop #facts #quinoa #didyouknow #saladbar #ingredients
  • Lemon Pesto Penne 
Serves 2 | Prep & Cook time: 20mins
Credits: Pinchofyum

Ingredients •  2 ounces whole wheat penne
•  2 cups baby broccoli
•  1 cup oven roasted tomatoes
•  1 teaspoon minced garlic (optional)
•  1/4 cup pesto
•  1/4 cup feta cheese
•  juice of 1/2 lemon
•  fresh basil, cut into ribbons 

Cook the penne according to package directions. Add the baby broccoli to the pot of boiling water for the last 1-2 minutes of cooking. It should turn bright green. Drain and return to the pan over medium high heat.
Add the tomatoes and garlic to the pan with the pasta and baby broccoli; saute 1-2 minutes or until fragrant. 
Add the pesto, half of the feta, and the lemon juice. Toss in the pan until well combined. Remove from heat and add the basil. Sprinkle with remaining feta before serving. And vouila! #saladstop #recipe #healthymeal #20minutes
  • Even thought there are lots of leafy greens in this smoothie, the fruit really off-sets the
  • #quoteoftheweek #saladstop #positive #motivation #inspiration #happy
  • Now available at all SaladStop! outlets. Our tofu is marinated with curry powder, soya sauce and mirin!

This grilled tofu is sure to entice you and keep you feeling satisfied for hours long. #saladstop #grilledtofu #ingredients salabar #foodie
  • Tag your friend if you think this will benefit them! 💚 Unleash your green monster! Create your salad with broccoli and salmon to get a brain boost today!

It has twice as much protein per calorie as steak!  The carotenoids and vitamin C found in broccoli combined with the omega-3 fatty acids found in foods such as salmon and tuna create a brain booster of intense proportions.

Separately, both protect the cells of the brain, increase alertness and focus, improve memory and overall cognitive ability. #saladstop #facts #broccoli #didyouknow #saladbar #ingredients
  • Wow, @chiquiluv, that salad looks delicious! Thank you so much for this great photo! #repost #saladstop #eatwideawake #livewideawake #food #salad #healthy #eatclean
Ugh so yummy. #morefetaplease #saladstop
  • Dim the lights! Earth Hour is tomorrow, 8:30-9:30PM! Everyone can make a difference! Are you participating? #earthhour #saladstop #livewideawake
  • Meet our Salad Artist Chandriga! Chandriga is a fantastic dancer and can do both break dancing and hip hop! #saladstop #livewideawake #eatwideawake #saladstopteam

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